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AV Atress Japan Aya Koizumi Masturbator MAKX007

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Product: AV Atress Japan Aya Koizumi Masturbator MAKX007


Pipeline presume S-irregular shape, multi-threaded inner segment particles designed to enhance the friction of the penis, vagina appearance of matte, pink private parts like virgin pussy, each time before using the product it will bring you the impact of incomparable reverie. Vaginal inner part cover with soft particles, when you hit the tip of vagina, try gently massage sensitive areas in order to give you a strong boost. This product is soft and its flexible design makes you feel it fully tender and enjoyable.

Usage: Apply lubricant on the external cavity → Hold the penis slowly into the masturbator → performing sexual rhythms to stimulate the penis until ejaculation → clean and proper maintenance. (use condom for better effect)


Insert Length: About 15CM
Material: Silicone
Color: Body color


Koizumi color August 8, 1981 Health-A
Height: 156 cm measurements: 86.59.86CM Place of birth: Tokyo
Koizumi is Japan's popularity Actress color to the sweet face and angelic smile, like a burst of red, become Japan's first line of today's Actress, Japan, how many men crazy, her pink pussy a lot of shallow men aspire to I really wish that he is the man on the battlefield, a pro-Hozawa excellent, so the Japanese view of this special production Cikuan NPG Koizumi color genitals molding simulation, so that anyone can feel the charm of Koizumi's color!







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MSN:  partyking2u@hotmail.com


*Add us for more details.

All our items are packaged in discreet, using plain outer packaging which will have no indication of the content.

***feel free to buy here and being protected.






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